Photobook: Luthier. Beeches Lane.

A Luthier, the late 19th-century title for a violin maker. The word was initially used to refer to someone who made lutes, a plucked, stringed instrument from the Renaissance Era, but it came to be used for makers of most bowed and plucked stringed instruments.

This book captures the atmosphere inside the workshop of Julian Batley—a luthier at Beeches Lane on Shrewsbury Town Walls.

The photographs show the stacks of cases and racks of instruments, the traditional tools and spare strings. Unchanged for decades, it is a fascinating place, like stepping back in time.

In 1980 Julian began his apprenticeship in Washington with Barry Oliver, a Cremona School of Violinmaking graduate.

After working with Rafael Carrabba in Seattle, he returned to work with his father in North Shropshire, an internationally renowned expert & dealer. On his father's retirement, Julian moved his business of repairing, restoring & making instruments to Shrewsbury.


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