Glouglou Wine Bar - Logo and Branding

We’re on to the high-street with the brand identity, promotional literature and website for a new wine bar with a difference.

Everything they serve is sourced directly from the growers, farmers and fishers, and wines from producers with strong environmental and ethical policies using as little intervention as possible.

Our approach took the idea of low intervention, and so the logo just had to be hand-drawn and uncomplicated to follow this same principle.


So it’s a splash, it’s a spill, it’s a flower, it’s a tap on the barrel. It fits the words, and it fits the sound of glouglou.


Traditional skills were used as much as possible, sign-writer Josh Monk was commissioned to dress the shopfront. The interior contains hand-made furniture and a large scale hand-painted mural by illustrator Matt Sewell.

Glouglou is the most successful French linguistic export since ‘ooh-la-la’


Photo: Ian Wood


Photo: Ian Wood

“It’s so fresh, so invigorating, so glouglou.”


Barkers Chambers
Barker Street
Shrewsbury SY1 1SB

44 [0]1743 242 067

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