Iron & Rose tells the story of wines and the people who make them.

The launch of Iron & Rose. A modern, robust identity for an environmentally sensitive wine merchant.

The name comes from the smell and taste of ‘Barolo’, Italian wines produced in the Piedmont vineyards in the hillsides of the northern regions. These wines have the aroma of tar and roses and take on a rust-red tinge as they mature.


The brief was to create a logo with a symbol that people would recognise and a friendly, fun and fuss-free brand that tells the story of the land where the wines are made and the people who make them.

The cast iron rose at the logo's centre harps back to traditional crafts still used in the organic and biodynamic wine industry.


“We source all of our products from producers with strong environmental and ethical policies. Much of what we sell is grown organically, some bio-dynamically. Lots are produced entirely naturally with nothing added and nothing taken away.”

Robin Nugent, Director, Iron & Rose


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