Commonwood Vineyard, Wem, Shropshire

We found a way to illustrate that history using the vines directly; pencil rubbings from the ends of the cut canes were a literal hands-on connection. The resulting images don’t just show individual vines’ age but also a unique fingerprint.

Vine number one
History of the Vine - Part 3
Vine number two
History of the Vine - Part 2
Vine number three
History of the Vine - Part 1
The design process
The design process

Combined with the hand-cut block printed typography from the new Commonwood identity, also created by ourselves, we pushed the concept of individuality further, creating a single image divided into pairs to give each colour different layouts for its label.

Commonwood Red Label 1
Commonwood White Label 1
Commonwood Pink Fizz Label 1
Commonwood Red Label 2
Commonwood White Label 2
Commonwood Pink Fizz Label 2

They are printed on an eco-friendly cane fibre substrate to meet Commonwood’s environmental principles and maintain sustainability. The labels link to form a continuous, more noticeable customer-facing display.

Commonwood Red Wine Labels
Commonwood White Labels
Commonwood Rose Labels

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