Commonwood Labels

Commonwood Vineyard is sited approximately two miles out of the small market town of Wem in Shropshire. First planted in 2002, the vines are well established and have been farmed organically from the start.

The new owners took over in late 2021, launching this new identity in 2022. Their brief was to show the history of those vines.

Commonwood Vineyard, Wem, Shropshire

We found a way to illustrate that history using the vines directly; pencil rubbings from the ends of the cut canes were a literal hands-on connection. The resulting images don’t just show individual vines’ age but also a unique fingerprint.

Vine number one
History of the Vine - Part 3
Vine number two
History of the Vine - Part 2
Vine number three
History of the Vine - Part 1
The design process
The design process
Detail: Commonwood Wine Label

Combined with the hand-cut block printed typography from the new Commonwood identity, also created by ourselves, we pushed the concept of individuality further, creating a single image that gets divided into pairs to give each colour different layouts for its label. 

Commonwood Red Label 1
Commonwood White Label 1
Commonwood Pink Fizz Label 1
Commonwood Red Label 2
Commonwood White Label 2
Commonwood Pink Fizz Label 2

They are printed on an eco-friendly cane fibre substrate to sit with Commonwood’s environmental principles and maintain sustainability. The labels link to form a continuous, more noticeable customer-facing display.

Commonwood Red Wine Labels
Commonwood White Labels
Commonwood Rose Labels

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