Vox-pop survey where the answers are either black or white


People's Choice 2020


Many people are often a little wary of saying anything negative until we tell them that the comments are kept anonymous. We then make them as 'loud' as possible by projecting them on the walls of buildings from the studio window - we leave it running for a couple of hours - the positive and the negative.



We printed a booklet that shows replies on facing pages; whether it's a good or bad thing depends on which cover the reader sees as the front.


Is it a good thing?

Public Opinion is to love the buildings, the people, the friends. To love the flowers and the park, the old and the new.

Is it a bad thing?

Public Opinion is to complain about the parking, the buses, the roadworks, the homeless. The money wasted on refits: "they could have done better with that…", the traffic, the teenagers, the cold.


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