TENYRSLTR Studio Book Cover

What’s this book?

It’s to celebrate that I decided to leave the mundane and the same-old to start again. To look for the work that I will be proud to be doing, the kind of work which will be seen because I want people to see it.

Ten years and not enough to shout about in terms of work worth shouting about is all wrong, but here are some bits worth seeing, the bits that managed to get past design experts in the marketing departments.

Born in 1973
Went to art school in 1989
Went to another in 1992
Met a girl in 1993
Got a job in 1994
Bought our first house, our dog Elvis and started a studio in 2000
Married her in 2002
Bought our second house and had our first son in 2003
Had our second in 2007
Lost Elvis in 2009
Got Razzle in 2010
Cycled to Paris in 2010
Got my black belt and joined Stan's in 2013
Nothing much happened in 2014
Or '15
Or '16
Summer 2017, one too many egos in here
Called it a day in Autumn
Started a new studio in September November
April 2018. Mum is dead.
Back to school in 2019
Isolating for two weeks in April 2020
Entered a design competition
Broke my best bike :(
Won in August
Won two more in 2021, a bronze and a silver
Son number one went to art school in September
Lost Razzle in November

TENYRSLTR Studio Book - Don't be afraid
TENYRSLTR Studio Book - Steps
TENYRSLTR Studio Book - Male figure
TENYRSLTR Studio Book - Wolverhampton Museum

‘Severn celebrates 10 years of design work “worth shouting about” with a beautiful book’

Katy Cowan, founder of Creative Boom


'…Just keep doing the great work…It’s a very personal experience you’ve captured’

Domenic Lippa, Pentagram

‘…it is turning negatives into positives to help launch a new, more creative studio’

People of Print June 2018


To do something different.
Something that I will happily say, ‘I did that.’

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